A New Beginning

Posted on May 21, 2021

Welcome to the first-ever psilocare blog post. We are so happy you have found yourself on our little corner of the internet. Here we will be providing you with all the current science on psilocybin and the spiritual and social aspects of this beautiful fungus. We will not limit ourselves to psilocybin, though, here at psilocare, we believe in all plant/spirit medicines. We will also touch on topics such as ayahuasca, Iboga, peyote, San Pedro, Kambo, Sananga, and Rapé to name a few. We will also bring scientifically-backed evidence on the healing effects of a few choice chemicals such as LSD, ketamine & MDMA. 

We will do this by bringing you the latest research on how these substances are being used in a controlled setting to help heal people of their depression, anxiety, addiction, and various other mental health issues. We will also include information on traditions in these medicines passed down for thousands of years and what one can expect when stepping into a shamanic-controlled ceremony. 

We are so excited to share our carefully blended microdoses, as well as our massive selection of the whole mushroom, to help you dig deep and provide healing. We also are proud to have a few beautiful extraction products that have been crafted locally on Vancouver Island. We also have the Odin microdose journal; the Odin journal is a perfect way to track and see firsthand the progress you are experiencing through your microdose schedules. 

We look forward to connecting with our already amazing clients through this new outlet and creating new customers for many years to come. So much gratitude to those who have helped make this dream a reality. We wish all of you deep and profound healing.