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Psilocare is a proud Canadian company from Vancouver, B.C. that focuses on ceremonial practices.

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All Vegan Products

Sourced Organic

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Egg Free

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We are two Psychonauts with a deep appreciation for the mushroom sacrament. Our first founder was born and raised on the British Columbian coast. He overcame a decade-long battle with substance abuse with the help of micro-dosing combined with macro-dosing.

 Our second founder hails from Mexico and has a long-standing history in traditional mushroom healing from a very young age. Together with their collective knowledge, alongside a registered Nutritionist, they developed various blends unique to the micro-dosing community.

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M.O. @trilliumhealingpath

Micro-dosing using the mushroom extract produced such wonderful results for me. I had better sleep, and even vivid meaningful dreams that provided insight into my current life challenges. I micro-dosed at night, because medicines tend to work better overnight in my system. I woke up from a deep sleep feeling well rested every morning.

Alex C. @spooky_juice

Took a chance on Psilocare and was completely blown away. Their mushrooms are locally sourced and grown with the highest quality, the results I’ve personally experienced speaks for itself. I vouch for them completely and trust the powers of what medicinal mushrooms can do for our bodies and minds. These guys are doing it right, consider me a lifelong customer.

J.M. Braaahass

It’s not easy finding somebody who can provide psilocybin for medical/spiritual support, but psilocare has been reliable and quick to ship their products. Not to mention the outstanding customer support. Thanks psilocare


Where do I begin with psilocare. They are truly the best service I have found for psilocybin. They are super knowledgeable about all of their products and really understand what your needs are. Your product is selected with intention and saged to cleanse any negative energy. This product has changed my life. It’s very therapeutic as well as fun! I highly recommend it.

Matthew H.

I am a naturally high-strung person, who tends to freak out whenever anything goes even remotely wrong. When I began taking Psilocare, I noticed a gradual transition to a more light-hearted and joyful outlook. I noticed myself singing in the car more, laughing at random things with ease the same way kids do, and not worrying about things as much. It also improved my relationship because even if my girlfriend was annoyed with me I was able to stay calm and avoid turning it into an argument. And my calm attitude would calm her down too. We celebrated our 1-year anniversary recently and I still feel the benefit of Psilocare even months later.


Breaking the habit of being myself was on the resolution list for 2020. Little did I know that everything was about to change. The world was about to change and I was ready for a change too. Micro-dosing was under my radar for a several months as I was on my path of coming off my depression pills (Teva-Sertraline which belongs to a class of medication known as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors - SSRIs. After 4 years of treating my depression and panic disorders with medical pills it was time to look into a better way that I could become independent again.

With a healthier brain, we are happier, physically healthier, wealthier, wiser and just make better decisions. I wanted to go beyond knowing to knowing how. It was time to know how do we apply and personalize both emerging scientific concepts and old age wisdom to succeed at living a more enriched life. I started my journey of micro-dosing with the help of these guys and I did a lot of research and found them to be the most knowledgeable in creating me a full custom plan. All based off my age, weight, nutrition intake and plan of being on and off the cycle 4days on and 3days off. 6 months in, and I have been off my SSRIs for almost 4 months and have gained my focus and grit back. My life has changed in all the departments and I would not change it for anything. If you are in a search for finding the right product and provider, these guys are the best in their field. I look forward in starting my next cycle.


I was looking for something that could help me with clarity and memory as I have found as I’m in my late 40’s to not be a sharp as I once was. After researching some natural ways to improve my memory, micro dosing seemed to be the most natural path. With Psilocare’s Brain Blend They recommended I started with a 4 days on 3 days off regime and find that I am more productive during the day and seem to have less stress than I have in a long time. I have just order the psychonaut blend I would like to see what a higher does will help me achieve.